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Nikolaev and Sons
Nikolaev and sons logo

«Nikolaev and Sons»

Under the trademark of Nikolaev and Sons family brand products manufactured by small artisan enterprises of Lefkadia valley are sold. Soft and semi-hard cow milk cheeses: Camembert, Scamorza and Latteria. Goat and sheep cheeses: Buche, Capretto, Lefkadiysky and Lefkadiysky Reserve. And a high-oleic extra virgin sunflower-seed oil. The main objective of the «Nikolaev and Sons» products is care for the health of our families!

Lefkadia logo


Under the trademark «Lefkadia» we produce a line of premium wines from our own grapes grown in our unique terroir. These are red, white and pink wines «Lefkadia» and «Lefkada Reserve», as well as a line of original varietal wines. «Lefkadia» is the embodiment of the skill of talented winemakers and an international team of experts.

Likuria logo


«Likuria» is a trademark of wines of European quality, created exclusively from Russian grapes. Red and white wines «Likuria», «Likuria Reserve», a varietal line and exclusive wines «Likuria. The Hermitage Collection» regularly receive high awards at international competitions. Under this brand are also produced champagne wines made by the an acratophore method.

Temelion logo


«Temelion» is a premium sparkling wine made from grapes harvested in the best parts of the vineyards of the «Valley of Lefkadia». «Blanc de Blanc», «Brut» and «Brut Rose» are created under the supervision of French consultants by the classical technology Champeoise, according to which the wine has secondary fermentation in a bottle and aged for at least two years.

Sauk-Dere logo


«Sauk-Dere» has not only a rich history, originating from 1926, but also ideal conditions for creating excellent wines. Modern equipment, experienced specialists and our own vineyards with a unique microclimate — updated collections of wines demonstrate a high level of quality. This is a bright varietal and blended wines produced in a modern international style.

Semidolye logo


A healthy lifestyle is impossible without natural and delicious products — this is our philosophy, which we tried to represent creating the TM «Semidolye». These are products from the «Valley of Lefkadia», we define this zone as Semidolye — from the «seven valleys» of the foothills of the North-Western Caucasus.



Our mission is to create traditional, high-quality products made using the latest technology and many years of experience. We hope that the products of the family enterprise «Nikolaev and Sons» will take an honorable place in the hearts and on the tables of each family! A healthy lifestyle is impossible without natural and delicious products — this is our philosophy, which we strive to convey to every consumer.


Now we demonstrate in practice that it is possible to revive agriculture effectively, creating new high-tech farms and in the immediate vicinity of them — modern processing plants. Therefore, we are always ready to work with farmers and food producers! Contact us, we will certainly choose the options for mutually beneficial cooperation.



Phone number: 8-800-200-93-60